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tv   [untitled]    March 26, 2014 8:30pm-9:01pm PDT

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to the lives of everyday people. i've actually had the experience of working with youth programs over the years. one was the san francisco conservation core where i worked 20, 23 years ago and there are many people who came from ~ the excelsior, visitacion valley, i ngleside neighborhoods, bayview hunters point, potrero hill, who were looking for access into -- into building. didn't really feel that they actually had the access they wanted. i think programs like first shoretion and the local hire ordinance are actually living up to that demand that is coming from our neighborhoods that we can actually create that greater access. ~ source i know that's been made through partnerships with our building trades and i want to thank the building trades for their work. for support at the local hire ordinance from the beginning and now it actually has become more open to it and now supporting it as we've seen the
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implementation happen three years later. so, i want to thank building trades partners for their participation and their patience and their flexibility in helping to make the local hire work happen in san francisco. today i have amendments to the local hire ordinance as well as, as well as an amendment to our first source hiring program that was established after welfare reform in 1996, i think it was '98 we established the first source program. i'll start with the first source program. the first source program is actually going to enable us to get a really handle on what developers' plans are for local hiring and paying prevailing wage, [speaker not understood] for a project is starting, where construction begins. we're looking now for this ordinance to establish a relationship with the office of he can economic and workforce
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development and city build during the entitlement process, and actually that relationship and discussion about local hiring and prevailing wage will enable the city to assist developers in creating a workforce plan and a clear understanding of what we need to do to prepare people for work that will happen a couple years later. that, to me, will make the city much more efficient in doing its work around preparing the workforce and enable many, many people from our neighborhoods to find access in the jobs on the private sector side through the first source program. so, the first source legislation i believe is going to be ready to go today and we can have a discussion whether to move it forward or not today. the second piece of legislation that i have is extending our local hire provisions that currently right now extend to construction for public dollars
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to private construction on public land. and i, in the last couple days i've been hearing from many, many city departments concerns about some of the consequences about this legislation. and they just now recently started to look at the legislation, how it's going to work. and they actually have asked for more time to consider some changes around the implementation. and given that the work that we had done around the original local hire ordinance 3-1/2 years ago -- 3-1/2 years ago was done over the course of many, many months with a lot of relationship building with our city departments and our building trades, i think it makes sense that we continue that process to make sure that we have real clear dialogue to put together an ordinance that is going to be supportive from the get go. so, we'll be hearing public comment on both pieces of
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legislation. i have a minor amendment for the first source legislation that we have before us, but with the local hire and prevailing wage ordinance on construction projects on city-owned property, i'm going to continue for three weeks so we can get more information from our city departments and we can actually put together some amendments. some of the city departments have asked for three months' time, some have asked for 45 days' time. i think we already have this legislation on a 30-day rule, 30-day hold. i think we can actually accomplish a lot in three weeks and have it come back here then. so, at the end he of this hearing i'll be holding -- i'll be having a motion to continue for three weeks on item number 6. item number 5 i would like to make a minor amendment that my legislative aide will bring to me that we would like to move that forward here today. i also want to thank sheet metal workers for their work on
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the first source program. it's, you know, based on their participation and connection with our office we were able to put this legislation forward. and overall, the first source item number 5, the first source program is really enabled the city to anticipate what the needs may be on development and how we can prepare our workforce and have a good relationship with developers to make sure that they are aware of the rules around first source so that we can maximize the participation of people in san francisco on projects covered with first source in the private sector. with that, i don't really have any other things to add to the, you know, legislation or to the discussion unless colleagues have questions about the legislation, how to move forward. we can go on directly to public comment. >> okay. if there are no questions at this time, why don't we take public comment right now. so, if there is anybody who wishes to comment on items 5 or 6.
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please step forward. good afternoon. my name is anthony urbina, i'm a representative for sheet metal workers [speaker not understood]. proposed changes to our local hire and first source agreements, 15 young men and women stood with me who were hoping to change their lives by bettering themselves and entering into an apprenticeship program. we are in support of the changes of both the local hire and the first source ordinances. these changes would expand opportunities for those seeking a career pathway into the middle class. the changes proposed for the city's first source ordinance will give an even greater impact because for the first time it declares our city
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believes construction workers in the private sector deserve a family-supporting wage. it also calls upon developers to have apprentices from the state approved programs on their construction sites. i could tell you with certainty that there are active construction sites in our community being built by workers being paid next to nothing with no health care coverage and few, if any, additional benefits. on these projects, hundreds of opportunities for our youth, veterans, and ex-offenders to be in a state-approved apprenticeship program are lost since they simply won't use apprentices on these projects. these improvements to the local hire and first source ordinances are not only good for construction workers, it's good for everyone in san francisco because it means tens of millions in wages currently leaving our community will be spent here, generating sales
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taxes to support the social programs important to us all. i believe a strong economy is dependent on having a healthy construction industry and we must take every he can economic advantage we can out of every construction dollar spent. thank you. >> thanks very much. anybody else in the public wish to comment? afternoon, supervisors. eddy young with bright line defense project. thank you, supervisor avalos, for introducing this legislation today and the subsequent amendments. the importance of this proposal cannot be emphasized enough. local hire has seen three years of success now with the increase of over 75% in economic opportunities, job opportunities for our communities in san francisco, particularly low-income communities which have created a virtuous cycle of he can economic development throughout the city. and that three years of success would not have been possible without very thoughtful input and broad stakeholder input. and as you pointed out today,
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it has -- it seem to be appropriate to potentially take more time because that broad input has ensured that local hires had negative cost impact to the city or other departments in implementing opportunities for our residents. so, in that -- recognition of that input, 2 to 3 weeks seems appropriate to perhaps gather more thoughts and to make sure we can i am preempt the best version of local hire possible. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. ~ implement good morning, my name is jacqueline [speaker not understood]. i'm the executive director of the a. philip brand [speaker not understood] institute in san francisco. and i do want to applaud the city's efforts to stimulate the economy while carefully ballet workforce initiative that creates vital opportunities for unemployed and under employed san francisco residents to be able to access work here in the city. and as the city continues to
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grow, careful and well [speaker not understood] plans are not only essential for the city's budget, but we're also -- in order to take strides for the overall goals for the city to address low-income families that struggle to live here and work, i encourage you as you take a further look at supportive data as well as vital information from our construction advisory committee, just to remember to take care of our communities. and we're looking forward to hearing back in three weeks. thank you. >> thanks very much. next speaker, please. good afternoon, supervisors. manny flores he, recently retired from the carpenters union, local 22 ~. pleasure to be here. you know, these two ordinances here, they make a lot of sense, especially on the first horse.
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it holds these developers accountable. exactly what are they paying? what are their plans? what do they plan to do? you know, hold their feet to the fire. and i think it's, it's well written and explains it. second one, it's a no-brainer. you're expanding more work opportunities. supervisor avalos says, you know, on the local hire ordinance, how has it been working? it's been doing pretty good. so, here's an opportunity, you know, to expand it more. more opportunity, that's what it's about. for our residents here in san francisco. now, obviously more study needs to be done exactly what the cost-effectiveness going to be. but this is going to help level the playing field for everybody. all the developers and say, hey, let's get with it, make the playing field for everybody -- level playing field w. that, i look forward to supporting both of them. thank you very much. >> thank you very much. next speaker, please.
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~ with that good afternoon, supervisors. don marcos, director mission hiring hall. been doing the workforce program in the city for the last two decades. equal opportunity has been called many different things in this city, and it's good to know that somebody keeps the focus on equal opportunity for san francisco residents, especially low-income residents. these two legislations is probably the best job development tool that we have. [speaker not understood] everybody that comes to do work in san francisco, there are people trying to stay in the city. and with the living wage jobs that construction offers, the entry and access that city build provides, it keeps the opportunity going and it keeps
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the city and its residents in the city. i want to thank supervisor avalos for championing this. it's a great legislation. thank you for your support. >> thank you very much. next speaker, please. hi, my name is army morgan and i'm speaking on behalf of the operating engineers local 3 [speaker not understood] international operating engineers. and we're excited about these two ordinances and we'd like to, you know, give all our support towards it, with the local hire and prevailing wage. you know, we're definitely on board. me being from, you know, and my family being from the southeast part of the city and that community stands to benefit greatly, you know, by, you know, these middle class jobs that could be created through this legislation. and, you know, it will help, you know, create, you know, a lot of, you know, you know, better, you know, opportunities for the, you know, the
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community and all the city, you know, and all these communities in the city. and they have a better, you know, standard of living, [speaker not understood] health care and all around the board. so, i just want to get up here and say my little piece and thanks for listening to me. thank you. >> thanks very much. any other members of the public wish to comment on items 5 or 6? okay, seeing none, public comment is closed. [gavel] >> supervisor avalos? >> thank you, chair farrell. so, colleagues, these two items, 6 we want to keep in committee, make a motion that we continue it to the call -- not to the call of the chair, to appear back in budget and finance on april 16th [speaker not understood]. continued three weeks. >> we have a motion to continue item number 6 to the budget meeting for april 16th. wednesday, april 16th. we can take that without objection. [gavel] >> great. and, so, item number 5, which
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is the first source hiring program, we want to strengthen our first source program around development projects, residential and commercial development projects. what it will do, require that developers at the time of [speaker not understood] when they come before planning to present plans or how they're going to pay prevailing wage and do their local hiring plans, presenting those to the office of he can economic workforce development city build so that we will have a real handle on development and expect in terms of local hiring and wages. this will actually enable the city to do a lot of planning of how we're going to prepare our workforce for these projects and also make sure the developers are aware of what rules they will be asked of when they're building. we do have an amendment to this legislation that i think jon givner will be helping us read into the record. deputy city attorney jon givner, i believe it's around
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the [speaker not understood] apprentice, correct? >> deputy city attorney jon givner. through the chair, yes, two amendments that supervisor avalos is, is introducing today. one would amend page 8 lines 20 and 21st ordinance which is the definition of apprentice level position. ~ 21 of the apprentice level shall mean a [speaker not understood] a worker endentured in apprenticeship program approved by the state of california industrial relations. i understand the purpose of this amendment is to clarify that, that the definition covers he apprentices who are currently apprenticing, not apprentices who have graduated from an apprenticeship program. so, you capture a wider pool. >> great. >> and the second amendment is on page 13 lines 8 and 9
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amending the definition of prevailing wage to make it match up with similar definitions elsewhere in the code. so, if the definition would read prevailing wage shall mean the highest general prevailing wage -- prevailing rate of wage plus per diem wages and wages paid for overtime and holiday work paid in private employment in the county where the work is performed for various crafts and time of labor, et cetera, et cetera. so, clarifying that the prevailing wage is focused on the county where the work is performed rather than only in the county of san francisco. ~ of that >> great, thank you. and these will be done [speaker not understood]? >> yes, the committee can make these amendments and pass the item to the full board. >> thank you very much. i'd like to motion we accept these amendments. >> we can take that without objection. [gavel] >> and if we can on item number 5 move the underlying ordinance
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forward with recommendation. >> we take that without objection. [gavel] >> thank you, colleagues. >> okay. madam clerk, do we have any other business in front of us? >> no, mr. chair. >> all right, we are adjourned. see you at 1:00. [gavel] >> hello, i am with the recreation and parks department. we are featuring the romantic park location in your backyard.
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this is your chance to find your heart in santa and cisco with someone special. -- san francisco with someone special. our first look out is here at buena vista park, a favorite with couples and dog walkers. both have a significant force. a refreshing retreat from urban life. the romantic past that meander up and down the park under pines and eucalyptus. hang out in this environment and you might see butterflies it, fennel, and then the lines. -- dandelions. is ada accessible.
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public transit is plentiful. we have conquered the steps, we have watched the dogs, and we have enjoyed a beautiful view. this is a place to take someone special on a romantic stroll and enjoyed a beautiful look out. welcome to corona heights located in the heart of this district. it offers a view of the downtown skyline, the bay bridge, and the east bay. it is one of the best kept secrets in the city. it is hardly ever crowded. on any given day, you will run into a few locals. , bought a 37 bus to get there without any parking worries. for legged friends can run
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freely. there is also a patch of grass for the small box. >> it is a great place. it is a wonderful place to have these kinds of parks. that dog owners appreciate it. >> take time to notice of the wildfires that are on the grassland and keep your head out on the lookout for hawks and other bird life. be sure to take your camera and be prepared to take a view of the city will not forget. it has a beautiful red rock formations. you could watch the sunrise over the bay. this is another one of our great lookouts. we are at mount davidson. 928 feet. this is the place for you to bring someone special. to not forget that dogs and
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enjoy all of the pathways and greenery that surrounds you. it provides a peaceful oasis of open space and great hiking trails. the spectacular view offers a perfect place to watch the sunrise or sunset with someone you love. >> it is a good place to get away from the hectic life of the city. come up here and listen to nature, i get some fresh air. that view is fantastic. >> where sturdy shoes. hikers get the feeling of being in a rain forest. mount davidson is also a great place to escape the noise and the bustle of the city. take the 36 bus and it will drop you at the entrance. it is quite a hike to the top but the view is worth every
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step. this is the place to bring that someone special. golden gate park's largest body of water is an enchanting place. is a popular spot for paddling around in boats, which can be rented. created in 1893, it was designed for these your boating -- for leisure boating. it is named for the wild strawberries that once flourished. there is also a waterfall, two bridges, and trails the climb to the summit, the highest point at more than four hundred feet. you can catch glimpses of the
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western side of the city that make this hilltop a romantic look out. for public transit, i take the n train. the lad the ad -- lake is ada accessible. watch many ducks, swans, and siegel's. -- seagulls. it is a great place to stroll and sail away. many couples come here to take a ride around a lake, going under the bridges, passing the chinese pavilion and the waterfall. for a quiet getaway, making for a memorable and magical experience. located on 19th avenue, this
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growth is the place to where you're hiking boots, bring the family and the dog because it has so much to offer you and your loved ones. it is a truly hidden gem in the city. the park is rich with eucalyptus trees. long paths allow you to meander, perfect for a dog walking in a wooded environment. >> i enjoy the history. the diversity of nature that exists in such an urban city, concrete streets, cars, we have this oasis of the natural environment. it reminds us of what the history was. >> there is a section for dogs and plenty of parking. transit is available on the 28 bus to get you very easily. the part is ada -- park is ada
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accessible. it is also a natural lake. this is your chance to stroll around the lake and let the kids run free. it also has many birds to watch. it is a place to find and appreciate what you -- a wonderful breath of fresh air. come and experience in this park and enjoy the people, picnics, and sunshine. this is a lovely place to take a stroll with your loved ones. in the middle of pacific heights, on top of these hills, it offers a great square, a peaceful beauty, large trees and grass and greenery. it features tables and benches,
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a playground, restaurants, and tennis courts. there are plenty of areas for football and picnics. it is very much a couple's park. there are many activities you can experience together. stroll on the pathways, bring your dog, or just picnic at one of the many tables and enjoy all that it has to offer together. many couples find this is a perfect park to throw down a blanket and soak up the sun. it is a majestic place that you can share with someone you chairs. lafayette park is also easily accessed from the 47, 49, and 90 buses. it is ada accessible. we are here at the historic
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palace of fine art in the marina district. originally built for the 1950's exposition, the palace is situated on san francisco's number waterfront. it is ada accessible and is reached by the 28, 30, and 91 bus lines. set against the reflecting waters of the lagoon and eucalyptus trees, the palace is one of san francisco post most -- san francisco's most romantic spots to relax with that special someone while listening to the water and gazing at the swans. a beautiful to view from many locations along the mattoon, an ideal place to -- all -- lagoon,
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an ideal place to walk with a loved one. reservations for weddings are available at discarding contains plants referred to by william shakespeare's plays and poems. welcome to the shakespeare garden here in the famous golden gate park. located near the museum and the california academy of sciences, the garden was designed by the california spring blossom and wildfilower association. here is a truly enchanting and tranquil garden along a path behind a charming gate. this garden is the spot to woo
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your date. stroll around and appreciate its unique setting. the gorgeous brick walkway and a brick wall, the stone benches, the rustic sundial. chaired the part -- share the bard's word hundred famous verses from a shakespearean plays. this is a gem to share with someone special. pack a picnic, find a bench, and enjoy the sunshine, and let the whimsical words of william shakespeare and floats you and your loved one away. this is one of the most popular wedding locations and is available for reservations. take a bus and have no parking worries. shakespeares' garden is ada accessible. accessible. located at the bottom


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